Supporting Our Sisters Sleeping Rough

If you would like to donate...

The Rough Period are pleased to announce we are now taking monetary donations. You can donate via the pink button below.

We accept donations of physical product, because we like our supporters to have fun with their donation and select products that they themselves use and feel comfortable using. 

Every single tampon goes to a person in need, sleeping rough in Sydney city.

All our members work on a volunteer basis, and no funds are used for wages.

We thank you for you ongoing support, we cannot do this without you.



Donate Here


How To Donate Product

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Purchase and Drop Off

If you are in NSW and dropping off is easiest for you, we have several options in which you can drop off your donations; all we require is that the products you donate follow our guidelines, as there are certain items we do not give out. We ask you follow our guidelines to prevent wastage of unusable items. 

We ask that you respect our privacy, and only drop to locations that are listed. Donations can be made by courier to our mailing address, however we ask that these are no longer personally delivered.

For a list of our drop-off and posting locations click here


Featured here: Daisys Milk Bar donation bin,

Group Donations, Raising Funds, and Packing Parties

Doing cool things are experiences better shared with friends right? If you are thinking about donating why not ask your friends to get involved too. A lot of our supporters choose to have their very own 'packing parties' where they pool their funds together and buy bulk items, some even pack their own mini packs for us. This is a great activity for friends groups, offices and families to get involved with. Please keep in mind that you don't have to buy every single item we pack, any donations are greatly appreciated.

If you decide to have your own packing party, send us an email so we can let you know what we are low on, or what we need for the upcoming months. We will also tell you what NOT to pack.

For a list of to buy or pack click here



Make the Rough Period a Beneficiary of Your Organisation

For any organisation or groups holding events, you are welcome to make the Rough Period a beneficiary. Several groups have made us the beneficiary charity for their charity events, raising funds to donate to the Rough Period. We are happy to supply donation bins, media, or merch we have for these events.

For any collaborations please email us.


Featured here: All of the Tights Yoga event, who raised $250 on the night along with a large hamper of donated product.