Supporting Our Sisters Sleeping Rough

What We Do


Supporting our Sisters sleeping rough, with clean and safe sanitary items.

The Rough Period have a very simple objective and that is to provide women sleeping rough in Sydney with safe and clean sanitary items. We believe that no woman should have to choose between food and essential menstruation items due to their period or their living situations. More often than not many of our ladies have no choice but to do life rough; through our own research we have found that many women turn to the street and "safe spaces" because they are escaping issues of DV and assult, many have discussed they cannot afford Sydney rent pricing, and perhaps the most harrowing is that many find that taking to the streets for refuge is safer than living or staying in governmental boarding houses. Women face different issues than men and we believe it is time our nation and our government address this.

Our vision is to challenge the way Australian’s view a women's period and homelessness with our work and what we do; we seek to raise awareness at the inequality that surrounds these areas, as well as hopefully remove some of the stigma and taboo status around this issue.

We feel there is a common misconception that homelessness primarily effects men; RMIT University released a study which revealed that about 1.4 million Australians have slept rough while homeless, revealing that around 11 percent of women had experienced sleeping rough at some point in their lifetime. “We found about 900,000 men and 500,000 women – or 7.8 per cent of the population – have slept rough in parks or improvised dwellings, in their lifetime,” - RMIT’s Emeritus Professor Chris Chamberlain.


This is why we do the work that we do.

Homelessness in NSW as Populations

28,191 people are experiencing homelessness in NSW - more people than any other state.

The age demographic with the highest population of homeless persons is the 25-34 age bracket.

Domestic Violence and Assault make up 31% percent of the population, followed by the NSW Housing Crisis (28%) and housing becoming unaffordable for low income earners.

Mental Health Issues and Substance Abuse Issues combined only make up 7% of the homeless population.


Our Team

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It all started when...

Jasmine contacted Noni around Christmas time 2015 after she posted a picture on Facebook of a handbag full of the things women need during their period. The picture had a caption that suggested instead of throwing out old handbags, you could easily fill them with all the things a women sleeping rough would need to get through her the time of her period. They both asked some girlfriends to send us pads, tampons, toiletries, perfume and skin care samples. The girls added sweets and snacks and a bottle of water into each bag, just to make that time of the month a little more comfortable. They managed to make 10 care packages and it the streets. At the end of  2016, business has grown exponentially with over 35 care packages going out in December. 2017 has seen numbers rise as high as 50 care packages and 2 new servicing locations, along with plans for expansion.

From there the Rough Period has taken on several members and is on its way to becoming a legal registered charity. 

Our Team...

The Rough Period consists of Jasmine Coronado, Amber Sisson and Noni Cragg, along with some dedicated volunteers and regular donors.


Sponsors and Partners

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